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Why high security lock ?

Standard locks can be "drilled" open: Most standard lock cylinders can be easily drilled open. This has become an increased problem since the introduction of cordless drills.

  • "Pickproof": Most high-security locks use special mechanisms that make them extremely difficult, if not impossible, to "pick" open. While there are a handful of champion locksmiths in the world who might be able to pick open a high-security lock if given enough time, picking a lock of this type is generally beyond the capabilities of even the most seasoned of criminals.

  • Drill Resistant: Most high-security locks are designed to resist attacks by drilling. Protective measures can include the use of a hardened metal case, special hardened metal pins or disks placed in the path where the drill must penetrate, and special metal shields to prevent attack on the lock itself. While most high-security locks can be drilled open, this is a time consuming and difficult task.

  • GLC locksmith strongly recommends the use of high-security locks, particularly on the exterior doors of your facility .You can call us for more information 2404833946

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