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Tips: lost and stolen car and home keys

Losing your keys can be hugely stressful, especially as you always seem to lose them at the most inconvenient moment. However, having your keys stolen can be even more stressful as you know someone potentially has access to your vehicle.

Reducing the Risk of Theft:
Don’t keep your house and car keys on the same key ring, this is more inviting for the thieves and you will increase the risk of a home burglary.

Make sure you don’t leave your bag unattended whether you are out, at work or at some ones house, you never know when a thieve will strike.

Hide your car keys in your house. By leaving them beside your front door within reach of your letterbox could make them easy to hook out.

What to do if your keys are stolen:

Call the police straight away and get a crime reference number, this will be needed for any insurance claim.

Use a steering wheel lock or wheel clamp until your locks have been changed.

Call GLC Locksmith 240-483-3946 for service we will replace all the locks and we can make a new car keys for you

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